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Workplace Security Training

CiNet's workplace security training thoroughly prepares the security guard to succeed on the job. Security personnel may only have a split-second to prevent a crime, detain a suspect or contain a potentially volatile situation. With training from PSTN security guards will be provided with the knowledge to act in high-pressure situations. Keeping people safe from violence in the workplace, dealing with sexual harassment issues, defusing conflict and handling evacuations are just a few of the items security officers will be provided with in the workplace security training series.

Workplace Security Training Benefits

  • What a security officer must know to handle an emergency situation
  • Components of proper fire situation response
  • Sequence of events that precedes workplace violence and the guidelines to manage an incident
  • Elements of a high-rise plan and life safety manual, drills and life safety systems
  • Effective strategies and evacuation techniques and demonstrations
  • Effective security response to a hate crime
  • Concepts and strategies when conducting perimeter and interior searches
  • Proper response protocols for a bomb threat and the discovery of a suspicious or actual device

Workplace Security Training Courses

  • A Security Officer’s Guide to Hate Crimes
  • Bomb Threats: Reality vs. Perception, Part One
  • Bomb Threats: Reality vs. Perception, Part Two
  • Building Searches
  • Dealing with Trespassers
  • Defusing Conflict and Crisis
  • Diversity Awareness and Sexual Harassment
  • Effective Enforcement Techniques
  • Emergency Situations
  • Ethics, Deportment and Professional Conduct
  • Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions
  • Evacuation: The Role of the Security Officer
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety
  • High-Rise Evacuations
  • High-Rise Building Security
  • Make It Safe: Your Workplace, Your Job
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stalking, Domestic Violence and the Workplace
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Workplace Violence: Recognizing the Warning Signs
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security guard training
security guard training
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 security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
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security guard training
security guard training
security guard training