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Security Guard Training

CiNet´s Professional Security Training Network (PSTN) has long been a trusted provider of training solutions for security guards. Through one of the largest security officer training libraries of online courses in the industry, PSTN arms security guards with the training and skills needed to ensure safety and protect assets. PSTN’s online security officer training courses include real-world demonstrations and actual situations for security guards to react to, increasing engagement, retention and results. Professional security organizations can either upload training courses to their internal learning management system or take advantage of hosted delivery through PSTN’s CiNow integrated online learning solution.
With its cutting edge learning management system, CiNet not only makes managing security officer training easy but also allows you to add your information into the curriculum. By offering the ability to customize your security guard training from thousands of courses, PSTN delivers the knowledge your personnel needs to optimize performance and increase safety in the field.

Security Guard Learning Plans

Security Guard Training Series I

Security Guard Training Series II

Security Guard Training Solutions

The learning doesn’t stop when the course is over. The experience is further strengthened by the availability of integrated, online workbooks, reference guides and glossaries. CiNet’s comprehensive training libraries are composed of courses built from 25 years of experience in the industry including NUS, Williams and PRIMEDIA.
pstn training
security guard training
security guard training
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 security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
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security guard training
security guard training
security guard training