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Private Security Training

Private security professionals face a variety of challenges on a daily basis that challenge their abilities to perform their duties accurately. CiNet's private security training was developed to thoroughly prepare private security officers to succeed on the job.
With CiNet's professional security training network (PSTN) officers are enabled to translate critical information into appropriate second-nature responses when it matters most.

Private Security Training Benefits

  • The importance of the role of private security
  • Key guidelines that are associated with security ethics and professionalism
  • Roles private and corporate security professionals play
  • Principles of proxemics and personal space
  • Essential elements of interpersonal communication and the process of communicating
  • Negative impact of alcohol use and abuse on a college/university campus
  • Legal responsibilities of a campus security professional
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for both the students and the staff

Private Security Training Courses

  • Attention to Details
  • Damaged Goods: A Security Officer’s Guide to Vandalism
  • Developing and Improving Observational Skills
  • Discrimination and Affirmative Action
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Fusion Centers and Private/Corporate Security
  • H1N1 Flu: Issues and Answers for Private Security
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Interpersonal Skills for Security Officers
  • Knife Defense: Sudden Attack
  • Non-aggressive Defense: The S.T.A.R. System
  • Principles of Leadership, Part 1
  • Principles of Leadership, Part 2
  • Proxemics and Personal Space
  • Search and Escort
  • Security Officer Safety
  • Slip and Fall Incident
  • Staying Safe Through Tactical Thinking
  • Verbal Judo One: The Art of Communication
  • Verbal Judo Two: The Art of Mediation
  • Weapon Retention Tactics
pstn training
security guard training
security guard training
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 security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
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security guard training
security guard training
security guard training