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Casino Security Training

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in Casino Security is expected to increase 34 percent by 2016. In such a high-demand field proper casino security training is paramount to protecting the gambling establishment and its patrons. Casino security officers are expected to patrol and inspect the property. Casino security officers must adhere to gaming regulations and laws, as well as have the presence of mind to testify in court and write detailed incident reports.

Casino Security Training Benefits

CiNet has over 25 years of experience and our casino security training understands the specifics and nuances of the casino security officer atmosphere. Below are some of the benefits of PSTN's casino security based training
  • Overall casino security, common casino crimes, hotel security, electronic surveillance, good security officer traits and liability
  • Security management and programs designed specifically for the security officer
  • Incidents ranging from purse thefts to scoopers to rail thieves
  • Providing good guest relations, gaming regulations for minors and dealing with intoxicated patrons
  • Security officer's role in slot drops, pit drops, pit fills, bill validator drops, marker exchanges, outside vendor escorts and change machine fills
  • Security officer's role in electronic surveillance, hotel security, fire alarms, handling disturbances and providing medical aid
  • Diligent and detailed report writing techniques
  • How officers can achieve stronger observational skills

Casino Security Officer Training Courses

  • Emergency Procedures in the Casino Industry
  • Role of the Security Officer in the Casino Industry
  • Security Officer Procedures in the Casino Industry
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security guard training
security guard training
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 security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
security guard training
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security guard training
security guard training
security guard training