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traffic police training

Traffic Police Training

Traffic stops are among the most common interactions between the public and the police. LETN's traffic police training places emphasis on how to detect criminal activity, current legal issues, the importance of a complete traffic stop, traffic stop techniques, officer safety and the broad importance of traffic stops as a function of law enforcement.
Effective traffic enforcement deters violators and makes our nation’s highways safer places to travel. Even routine traffic stops can pose special problems for the officer when the vehicle involved has special properties that differ dramatically from the standard automobile. Conducting vehicle stops is a dangerous task for traffic officers. Their frequency and the number of assaults which occur during traffic stops demands all officers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to carry them out safely.

Traffic Police Training Benefits

  • The proper steps to conducting a field sobriety test
  • How to safely approach a vehicle during a traffic stop and assess threat levels of occupants.
  • Special risks involved in a motorcycle stop
  • Legal requirements necessary to conduct plain view seizures from vehicles and how to conduct motor vehicle inventories
  • Techniques that can assist officers in establishing rapport with the public during roadside stops
  • Three levels of police-citizen contact, including consensual/voluntary encounter, investigative encounter, and search and seizure

Traffic Police Training Courses

  • Conducting Traffic Stops, Part 1
  • Conducting Traffic Stops, Part 2
  • DWI Testing
  • Felony Stop Techniques
  • Felony Stops
  • Field Sobriety Testing, Part 1
  • Field Sobriety Testing, Part 2
  • Passenger Side Vehicle Approaches
  • Roll Call: Danger on Traffic Stops
  • Roll Call: Felony Stops
  • Traffic Control, Part 1
  • Traffic Control, Part 2
  • Traffic Enforcement: The Principles of Speed
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Citizen Rights
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Discrimination Facts
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Legal Seizures
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Minimizing Conflict
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Officer - Motorist Interaction
  • Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling: Police-Citizen Contact
  • Trap Vehicles
  • Vehicle Search, Part 1
  • Vehicle Search, Part 2
  • Vehicle Stops
  • Vehicle Stops: Initial Contact
  • Vehicle Stops: Search and Seizure
  • Vehicle Stops: Stopping the Atypical Vehicle
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