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Cybercrime Training

LETN's cybercrime training will provide the police officer with an understanding of the sophisticated investigative challenges currently facing law enforcement. Participants in the online cybercrime training courses will become aware of the new tools available to police and forensic investigators to solve this new breed of crime.
CiNet's Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN) cybercrime training covers many of the aspects of cybercrime including basic forensic analysis of computers involved in investigations, hacker behavior, basic evidence recovery, cybercrime response, storage forensics and e-commerce crimes.

Cybercrime Training Benefits

  • Organizational response to computer crime through staffing, training and coordination between with other agencies
  • Understanding search warrants for electronic evidence, and details recognition and specific identification of potential electronic evidence
  • Orienting officers to basic forensic analysis of computers involved in investigations
  • The fundamentals of hard drive technology in order to prepare officers if they are called into court
  • Understanding how to predict, understand, and communicate with members of the digital underground

Cybercrime Training Courses

  • Digital Crime: Organizational Response to Computer Crime
  • Digital Crime: Single-Scene Seizures
  • Digital Crime: Multiple-Scene Search and Seizure in Computer Crime
  • Digital Crime: Computer Forensics - Advanced Techniques
  • Digital Crime: Hackers, Part 1
  • Digital Crime: Hackers, Part 2
  • E-Commerce Crime, Part 1: Cyber Crime
  • E-Commerce Crime, Part 2: New Cyber Threats
  • Windows™ Operation Systems and Basic Evidence Recovery
  • Storage Forensics Fundamentals
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