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counter terrorism training

Counter Terrorism Training

Terrorism is a substantial threat in the world today. Terrorism activity can happen anywhere at any time. Law enforcement officers need to be at the ready to battle this constant threat to communities. LETN provides the essential online counter terrorism training needed in today's society. Covering all areas of counter terrorism training from domestic terrorism, extremist groups, weapons of mass destruction, decontamination, terrorism alert systems, suicide bombers and critical incident management LETN has officers covered with real-world situational video giving them the information they need when they need it most.

Counter Terrorism Training Benefits

  • Ways in which a law enforcement officer can identify members of an extremist group
  • Guidelines to follow in the event of a major weapons of mass destruction incident
  • Behavior that may identify a potential suicide bomber
  • When mass decontamination might come into use
  • The conceptual differences between international, transnational, domestic and state terrorism
  • The five phases associated with law enforcement response to WMD incident

Counter Terrorism Training Courses

  • Agri-Terrorism
  • Decontamination: Lessons Learned
  • Defensive Tactics For Mass Transit Vehicles
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Domestic Terrorism Update
  • Domestic Violence, Part 1: The Primary Aggressor
  • Domestic Violence, Part 2: Interviewing Children
  • Domestic Violence, Part 3: Domestic Violence Court
  • Domestic Violence, Part 4: Same Sex Violence
  • Federal Resources in the Fight on Terrorism
  • Mass Transit: Target for Terrorism
  • Policing Extremists
  • Roll Call: Confronting the Suicide Bomber: Determining Agency Policy
  • September 11th – Five Years Later
  • Strategies and Tactics for WMD Events
  • Terrorism and the Municipal Police Department: Tactical Response
  • Terrorism in the Middle East: Palestinian Terrorist Groups
  • Terrorism in the Middle East: Terrorism and Radical Islam, Part 1
  • Terrorism in the Middle East: Terrorism and Radical Islam, Part 2
  • Terrorism in the Middle East: Understanding Islam
  • Terrorist Preparedness: Critical Incident Management
  • The Terrorism Alert System
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Decontamination
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Resources
  • WMD - What Every Officer Should Know, Part 1
  • WMD - What Every Officer Should Know, Part 2
  • WMD - What Every Officer Should Know, Part 3: Nuclear and Radiological Weapons
  • WMD - What Every Officer Should Know, Part 4: Chemical Weapons
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