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911 dispatcher training

911 Dispatcher Training

911 dispatcher officers are the initial contact for witnesses and victims of crime. They must remain calm, employ good listening skills, and ask just the right questions in order to relay effective information during the dispatch. LETN's 911 dispatcher online training explains the importance of the dispatcher's role and explores methods the dispatcher can use to extract accurate information from the caller. Handling the panic witnesses and victims to crime is always difficult, especially when trying to verify their information and relay it accurately. How information is gathered could very well change the nature of an incoming call to the dispatch center.

911 Dispatcher Training Benefits

  • Crisis intervention and how to respond in a crisis situation
  • The six techniques of active listening
  • Key components of the dispatch sequence
  • The impact of 9-1-1 technology on dispatching and patrol responses
  • Understand the leading causes of dispatch stress
  • Appropriate techniques for resolving conflicts positively

Dispatch Learning Plan

Patrol Courses
  • Communications: The AMBER Alert System
  • Communications: Answering Suicidal Callers
Leadership and Management
  • Dispatch I: Handling Suicide Calls
  • Dispatch II: Violence Calls
  • Dispatch III: Hostage Situations
  • Managing a Communications Division
  • TTY - Call Recognition and Processing
  • Dispatch: Controlling Calls
  • Dispatch: Techniques for Dispatchers
  • Dispatch: When Officers Die
  • Dispatch: Perception Is Reality
  • Dispatch: Stress Management: Recognition
  • Dispatch: Stress Management: Wellness
  • Dispatch: Team Building
  • Dispatch: Dispatch Stress
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