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Wastewater Training

Wastewater operators are projected to be in high demand between 2009 and 2018. Essential training is required to perform the basic duties required in wastewater treatment. CiNet has you covered with our basic and advanced wastewater treatment training. Our proven training methodology will reduce learning time and engage employees. CiNet's state-of-the-art interactive real-life video-based training includes post-testing and a complete learning management system to keep track of all employees learning cycles.

Wastewater Training Benefits

CiNet's wastewater training series will explain how to apply major steps of a basic troubleshooting procedure to a problem in a wastewater treatment process. Employees will also understand methods used to monitor emissions and the methods used to sample and test wastewater. Other general knowledge includes wastewater filtration and activated carbon adsorption that can be used in tertiary treatment and how final effluent quality standards affect the discharge of wastewater from an industrial facility.
Wastewater Training Highlights
  • Use of chemical precipitation and dissolved air flotation in intermediate treatment, and the use of activated sludge in secondary treatment
  • Concepts associated with treating industrial wastewater so that it can be safely reused or discharged into the environment
  • Operator responsibilities for monitoring wastewater leaving the plant
  • Objectives for wastewater treatment and the methods used to accomplish them
  • How clarification is used with chemical precipitation to remove some types of dissolved materials
  • How established quality standards affect the discharge of wastewater
  • Operator responsibilities associated with activated sludge systems

Wastewater Training Courses

For a series catered to your company's needs please contact us at
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Environmental Protection Systems: Water Pollution
  • Environmental Protection: Water Pollution & Waste Disposal
  • Power Plant Operation: Safety and Pollution Control
  • Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 1
  • Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 2
  • Water Treatment: Water for Plant Systems, Part 1
  • Water Treatment: Water for Plant Systems, Part 2
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industrial training
industrial training
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