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Power Generation Training

CiNet’s Industrial Skills Training Network (ISTN) offers a course curriculum for Power Generation staff. The Power Generation training series is designed to improve knowledge and skills by providing an understanding of components, safe operation and proper maintenance procedures. Areas covered include boilers, turbines, combined cycle, steam cycle, coal handling, environmental protection, heat transfer, water treatment, startup/shutdown, feedwater systems, furnaces, pollution control and safety, among others. The online methodology enables consistent delivery, with broader reach, flexible scheduling and automated recordkeeping.
Power Generation Training Highlights
  • Understand the basic responsibilities of an operator during a load change
  • Understand why there are variations in demand and why supply must always equal demand
  • Identify the functions of the following turbine parts: wheels, blades, diaphragms, steam chest, nozzle block, and rotor
  • Understand procedures for shutting down a simple cycle combustion turbine
  • Identify conditions that should be inspected during furnace operation
  • Identify the information required to conduct a thermodynamic study

Power Generation Training Courses

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Boiler Courses
  • Analysis of Boiler Efficiency
  • Boiler Efficiency 1: Air Heaters and Preheaters
  • Boiler Efficiency 2: Oil and Gas Fired Furnaces
  • Boiler Efficiency 2: Windboxes, Burners, and the Furnace
  • Boiler Efficiency 3: Superheaters, Reheaters, and the Economizer
  • Boiler Instruments and Control
  • Boilers: Basic Principles and Types
  • Boilers: Boiler Fundamentals
  • Boilers: Combustion, Water, and Steam
  • Efficient Boiler Operation
  • Efficient Operation of Oil and Gas Fired Boilers
  • Feedwater Heater Efficiency
  • Power Plant Boilers: Abnormal Conditions and Emergencies
  • Power Plant Boilers: Combustion and Operation
  • Power Plant Boilers: Normal Operations
  • Power Plant Boilers: Startup and Shutdown
  • Power Plant Boilers: Water and Steam
Coal Handling Courses
  • Coal Handling: Ash Handling
  • Coal Handling: Auxiliary Equipment
  • Coal Handling: Bringing in Barges
  • Coal Handling: Bulldozers
  • Coal Handling: Car Dumpers
  • Coal Handling: Coal Pile Management
  • Coal Handling: Coal Preparation Equipment
  • Coal Handling: Coal Yard Maintenance
  • Coal Handling: Control Equipment
  • Coal Handling: Conveyors
  • Coal Handling: Dust Control
  • Coal Handling: Dust Control Equipment, Part 1
  • Coal Handling: Dust Control Equipment, Part 2
  • Coal Handling: Handling Wet and Frozen Coal
  • Coal Handling: Overview, Part 1
  • Coal Handling: Overview, Part 2
  • Coal Handling: Overview, Part 3
  • Coal Handling: Rail Yard Operations
  • Coal Handling: Stackers
  • Coal Handling: Trippers
Combined Cycle Courses
  • Combined Cycle: Abnormal Operations
  • Combined Cycle: Distributed Control Systems
  • Combined Cycle: Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Combined Cycle: Normal Operations
Combustion Courses
  • Combustion Turbine: Components
  • Combustion Turbine: Normal Operations
  • Combustion Turbine: Principles
  • Combustion Turbine: Support Systems, Part 1
  • Combustion Turbine: Support Systems, Part 2
Condensers Courses
  • Condenser Efficiency
  • Efficient Condenser Operation
Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Protection: Air Pollution
  • Environmental Protection: Water Pollution & Waste Disposal
  • Environmental Protection Systems: Water Pollution
Furnaces Courses
  • Furnaces: Furnace Fundamentals
  • Furnaces: Furnace Introduction
  • Furnaces: Operating Conditions
  • Furnaces: Startup and Shutdown
Heat Rate Courses
  • Introduction to Heat Rate Improvement
Material Handling
  • Material Handling: Tank Trucks
Power Plant Operation Courses
  • Fundamentals of Process Solubility
  • Power Plant Operation: Basic Principles
  • Power Plant Operation: Safety and Pollution Control
  • Power Plant Thermodynamics
  • Power Plant: Condensate and Feedwater System
  • Power Plant: Condenser and Circulation Water
  • Power Plant: Power and Energy
  • Power Plant: Steam Systems
  • Principles of Heat Transfer
Power Plant Protection Courses
  • Power Plant Protection: Boiler and Turbine Protections
  • Power Plant Protection: Fundamentals
  • Power Plant Protection: Integrated Systems
Power Plant Systems Courses
  • Cycle Efficiency
  • Efficient Power Plant Operation
  • Electrical Energy and Power
  • Power Plant Efficiency: Problems and Analysis
  • Power Plant Systems: Condensate and Feedwater Systems
  • Power Plant Systems: Condenser and Circulating Water
  • Power Plant Systems: Power and Energy
  • Power Plant Systems: Power Generation
  • Power Plant Systems: Steam Cycle
  • Power Plant Systems: Steam Systems
  • Power Plant: Steam Cycle
Turbines Courses
  • Analysis of Turbine Efficiency
  • Power Plant Turbines: Bearings and Operation
  • Power Plant Turbines: Steam Flow
  • Turbine Efficiency, Part 1
  • Turbine Efficiency, Part 2
  • Turbine Efficiency, Part 3
Water Treatment Courses
  • Water Treatment: Water for Plant Systems, Part 1
  • Water Treatment: Water for Plant Systems, Part 2
  • Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 1
  • Water Treatment: Wastewater, Part 2

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