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Boiler Training

CiNet's boiler training series is designed to cover the fundamental concepts related to industrial boilers including all aspects from operations and maintenance of boilers to their associated safety systems. All CiNet training series are available in a centralized learning management system with global end-user accessibility.

Boiler Training Benefits

The boiler training series is designed to enhance operator troubleshooting skills on multiple types of boiler systems and how to react in an emergency and respond correctly in a time-efficient manner. Through our one-to-one delivery system employee knowledge will be enhanced and a reduction of learning time will occur.
Boiler Training Highlights
  • How the input/output method and the heat loss method are used to determine boiler efficiency
  • Identify problems commonly found in air heaters and preheaters; how air heater and preheater problems can affect boiler parameters
  • How the windbox, the burners, and the furnace operate together to sustain combustion, and how problems with these components can be recognized and corrected
  • How attemperators control steam temperatures and protect superheaters and reheaters, and how problems with superheaters, reheaters and economizers affect heat rate
  • How problems related to the measurement and control of critical parameters affect efficiency and heat rate
  • How changes in parameters that are monitored in the control room can affect boiler efficiency
  • How a decrease in main steam temperature affects boiler efficiency

Boiler Training Courses

For a series catered to your company's needs please contact us at
  • Analysis of Boiler Efficiency
  • Boiler Efficiency 1: Air Heaters and Preheaters
  • Boiler Efficiency 2: Oil and Gas Fired Furnaces
  • Boiler Efficiency 2: Windboxes, Burners, and the Furnace
  • Boiler Efficiency 3: Superheaters, Reheaters, and the Economizer
  • Boiler Instruments and Control
  • Boilers: Basic Principles and Types
  • Boilers: Boiler Fundamentals
  • Boilers: Combustion, Water, and Steam
  • Efficient Boiler Operation
  • Efficient Operation of Oil and Gas Fired Boilers
  • Feedwater Heater Efficiency
  • Heat Exchangers: Condensers and Reboilers
  • Power Plant Boilers: Abnormal Conditions and Emergencies
  • Power Plant Boilers: Combustion and Operation
  • Power Plant Boilers: Normal Operations
  • Power Plant Boilers: Startup and Shutdown
  • Power Plant Boilers: Water and Steam
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industrial training
industrial training
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