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Fire Prevention Training

Fire Prevention Training

FETN's Fire Prevention training will help your department develop pre-fire plans so that you are prepared to respond in a timely and efficient manner. An effective fire prevention training program is defined by the ability of the department to quickly and consistently ensure that firefighters are able to achieve their mission.
Developed by some of the nation’s top public safety and emergency response specialists, FETN provides training solutions compliant with NFPA, DOT, ISO, OSHA and CECBEMS standards.

Fire Prevention Training Benefits

  • Differentiate between strategies and tactics.
  • Understand the five-step development model needed to create a pre-plan process.
  • Understand considerations when conducting a size-up according to their department standards.
  • Identify five resources for developing a pre-plan system according to department policy.
  • Recognize tools that may be used to complete pre-plans that are available within their department.
  • Understand how and where fires occur and what can be done to educate the public on fire prevention.

Fire Prevention Training Courses

  • Back to Basics: Preplanning, Part 1
  • Back to Basics: Preplanning, Part 2
  • Back to Basics: Preplanning, Part 3
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Applying Countermeasures, Part 1
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Assessing Risk
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Determining the Need for Protection
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Identifying Critical Infrastructures
  • Educational Occupancies
  • Fire Marshal's Office: Fire Prevention and Life Safety Programs
  • Homeland One Awareness Level Training Course IX: CIP: Analyzing the Vulnerabilities
  • Protection of the Firehouse
  • Self-Protection Measures for WMD Incidents, Part 1
  • Self-Protection Measures for WMD Incidents, Part 2
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