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ARFF Training

ARFF Training - Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting

FETN's ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) training complies with and teaches the latest CFR 139.319 standards. ARFF personnel will get specific training on aircraft rescue strategies and tactics. Watch as actual aircraft emergencies are highlighted and then "you make the call" for the various emergency scenarios. Preparing ARFF responders with the latest techniques and information, FETN's ARFF training is the essential education every department serving a runway or near an airport should have.

ARFF Benefits

  • Understand basic water rescue equipment available for the Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Department.
  • Understand tools and techniques that a department can use at vehicle rescue incidents that are not applicable to aircraft extrication.
  • Understand the procedures outlined in Advisory Circular 150/5210-7C¬† Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Communications¬†with regard to the Discreet Radio Frequency.
  • Identify components of the incident command system to be utilized by the ARFF department at an emergency.
  • Understand the standard operating procedures their department uses during various types of aircraft related emergencies.
  • Understand the procedure for obtaining clearance from the control tower or other responsible authority for apparatus movement.

ARFF Training Learning Plan

  • Aviation Incident Response/Crash Rescue Management
  • Out of the Blue
  • Aircraft Rescue: Emergency Operations
  • Command and Control of Aircraft Incidents
  • Airport Familiarization Section 1
  • ARFF Personnel Safety
  • Emergency Aircraft Evacuation
  • Aircraft Cargo Hazards, Part 1
  • Aircraft Cargo Hazards, Part 2
  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting Ops
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